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- my latest release 'Something For Nothing:

“Something For Nothing” by nostalgia rocker PG Naylor brings the sounds of the ’60s to the new millennium. Naylor utilizes his signature sound with energetic harmonies and a danceable backtrack of equally talented musicians. “Something For Nothing” brings to mind classic rock acts such as The Who and The Beatles with the artist’s own take on the genre. This stellar single speaks a positive message with an appeal to adult listeners who love the sounds of the 60s and want to reconnect with their youth. PG Naylor brings life to the contemporary music scene with nods to the past. Evangeline W., Freelance Music Reviewer (USA)

Prolific Australia based performing singer-songwriter PG Naylor has released his latest single, “Something for Nothing” to Spotify and all the major music services.  A classic rock expert, PG Naylor has a knack for delivering hard hitting vocals with fun lyrics and sleek melodies woven together with both intricate harmonies and straight up grit. Also of note from previous releases: “Fly”, “60’s Refugee” and “Law ‘Bidin Man”. James Lane, Hot Indie News (USA)


On PG Naylor’s latest single Something for Nothing, a powerful form of 1970s rock inspiration dominates. Whether it is the confident guitar lines, the chunky bass line, or charismatic vocals, there’s no denying Something for Nothing’s appeal. The back and forth between the two sets of vocals adds satiety to the composition as does the sizzling guitar line that glues together the two sections of the track. With a wide swath of influences ranging from The Who to BTO and Alice Cooper, PG Naylor is able to make something refreshing and retro while staying as clean and crisp as modern music can be. An A+ effort. James McQuiston, Neufutur Magazine (USA)

Interview with Camden Monthly (UK)

 We managed to catch up with PG Naylor for an exclusive interview… What inspired you to get into music? As a small kid I remember Rock around the Clock with Bill Haley and the Comets, then Elvis, then Buddy Holly, and I wanted to be like them. I recall when I was about 15 I decided to make myself a guitar (unsuccessfully and my parents gave me an acoustic for Christmas. Then came The Beatles when I was at high school and that clinched it – I bought a cheap electric guitar and was invited to join a band when I was 18. Hearing The Kinks ‘You Really Got Me’ was another milestone – I still love that sound and still play that song at gigs. How would you describe your music? 60s influenced rock music What would you say is your recording and songwriting style? I always try to write songs that carry that 60s beat and the lyrics (mostly) are sort of ‘tongue-in cheek’ stories of things that have happened (or could have happened) to me. Where would you like to see your music career in 5 years time? I see many more fans being attracted to my style of writing and singing and enjoying the 60s influence Where can music fans listen to your music? All my songs are on Spotify. Soundcloud


-my earlier album Sanctuary

PG Naylor captures the spirit of the 60s with poise on the riotous riffs of “Sanctuary”. Full of a celebratory spirit, these tracks have such a positive energy to them. The guitar work has a classic style behind it for he never overdoes things, always keeping things just right. Everything about the collection comes together with the right degree of swagger. His vocals have a lived-in quality to them, and his storytelling accurately captures this in a way that has a fervency behind it. Verses are picked with the utmost of care, ensuring that they are keenly balanced for maximum impact. On “Fly” the collection opens strong, for the descriptive elements all work in unison to set the scene. The energy has a chaotic vision to it, for the way that the rhythms race on by feels outright gorgeous to behold. A loveliness of sorts embodies the whole of “A Girl Like You” where he makes sure that the track does not stop for anything. Chugging guitars allow it a slight nod to the Stooges in terms of its proto-punk ethos. By far the highlight of the album comes from the space rock origins of the title track “Sanctuary”. Distortion reigns supreme over the triumphant “Deliciously Done”. Effortlessly tying everything together is the reflective “Hollywood Road” which neatly ends the collection. “Sanctuary” shows off PG Naylor’s uncanny ability to deliver something that sounds like a long-lost classic in the best way possible. (USA)